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24 Logos con mensaje oculto

As nearly half of the year 2011 has eclipsed, I thought why not take a recap of some of the most marvelous creations in the logo design industry so far. Out of the many styles of designing a logo, the one that is everlasting is the concept of hidden logos. Being a logo designer, I have been an avid lover of logos with hidden messages.
With several famous logos that incorporate a hidden meaning within the design, some of the most memorable that I can recall include the FedEx Logo, Baskin Robbins logo and Carrefour logo. But lately, there has been a massive increase in the trend of creating hidden logos by aspiring designers. Out of the many ways of creating hidden logos, one of the most popular is using negative space.
Today, I have amassed a completely new and fresh collection of 24 inspirational logos that incorporate hidden messages in them. So come along and see if you can decipher them out.

247 b/w

If you look between the 2 and 4, there is a 7 hidden in the negative space making it 24/7.

Down Under

The name ‘Down Under’ refers to the continent of Australia. You will notice that the steak is in the shape of Australia and has grill marks on the negative spaces.


The SiverFile logo shows the letter ‘S’ between the double F-s in negative space.


In this hidden logo, a concealed arrow is shaped between the letters ‘T’ an ‘I’.

Chef’s dish

The letter "C" is created from a dish with a spoon used in negative space.

Brands & Events

This hidden logo was originally created for ‘Brands & Events’, but could be used for any B, E initialed company. E is obviously hidden in negative space of B.


This logo is shaped in the style of a building which has an ‘F’ and a ‘B’ hidden in it.


Fantom is a creative negative space logo that hides the letter A within the F.


This logo contains an ancient warrior’s mask with two rectangle holes for eyes in negative space. And if you break the shield from center vertically you’ll see two "E" letters horizontally flipped.


This is a simple and clean hidden logo that uses the fork as the "w" in the word “forkword”.

Lemon Crown

This logo reveals a distinctive amalgamation of a lemon & a hidden crown on top of it.


You will notice that the negative space within the letter ‘A’ makes a chemistry apparatus found in a lab.

Hammer Projects

If you observe that there is a hammer and nail in negative space of the letter H.


This hidden logo reveals female legs in the position of the letter ‘P’.

Take Realty

You will notice that there is a house in the negative space between the letters "K" and "E"


This logo is created with cog shape and negative spaced music notes.


The letter "H" letter is shaped in negative space to create two Drawers.

Raven & Wolf

This artistic hidden logo shows a Raven hidden inside a wolf’s head.

Puss in Boots

Puss in Boots is a creative negative space logo with a cat cleverly hidden inside a pair of boots.

Nitrous Sound

Nitrous Sound logo shows a ‘2’ hidden between the letter ‘N’ to signify nitrous oxide (N2).


This is a good mark that exhibits a key and a city/town shaped on the end of it.

Wine Pire

This creative logo conceals a bat and a glass of wine in negative space.

Woman quates

There are two quotes visible in this hidden logo, while the negative space between them creates the body of a woman.


This logo cleverly conceals the letter “H” in the design.


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